Running the RaspiCube







First real plastic sample

Well, this is my first handmade sample of the RaspiCube and as you can see, it works. It’s made from white polystrol plastic.

There is some tape instead of the screws. I`ll change it on wednesday.

The next thing on my todo list are the audio amplifier and speakers.

There is enough place inside of the raspicube so it should not be too hard.

pre cube tests


First tests with plastic board mounts and a first display frame.

By the way, i use only one 2A 5V Power supply for the raspi, 4 port usb hub and the monitor.

Top and bottom are just some plates from my hobby parts box.

Optimizing resolutions of the monitor

For all of you guys out there using a small video display like this, it tested some different resolutions.

I found something really nice!
Open your nano editor in the Terminal and edit the :

as sample:  sudo nano /boot/config.txt
Then we have to activate (You can activate something if you delete the # in front of a function).

# Overscan

overscan_left 0

overscan_right -18

overscan_top -22

overscan_bottom -14
Change the Resoultion for clear types:


For Games like open arena or super tux it would be better to change the resolution to:


STRG-X will closing the nano editor and asking if you like to save the changes or not.

You can save two of these config files and don`t forget the reboot after changing 😉

After reboot the display should be without black bars around.

searching for a cheap small 3,5 inch monitor

Well, after some research on conrad (german radio shack :-)) and ebay found something.

This small display uses the video connector. So it`s not too sharp. But small, cheap and really bright.

The price was about 25 € including shipping and vat.

This picture is not too good. The display is sharper than it seems.

Display mug

Yes, i started Open Arena 🙂 of course just for the test!

Well, i have to use my screwdriver….

Well, here is just the panel with driver board itself.


It`s really small and has 2 screw holes on each side for a easy fit.