Optimizing resolutions of the monitor

For all of you guys out there using a small video display like this, it tested some different resolutions.

I found something really nice!
Open your nano editor in the Terminal and edit the :

as sample:  sudo nano /boot/config.txt
Then we have to activate (You can activate something if you delete the # in front of a function).

# Overscan

overscan_left 0

overscan_right -18

overscan_top -22

overscan_bottom -14
Change the Resoultion for clear types:


For Games like open arena or super tux it would be better to change the resolution to:


STRG-X will closing the nano editor and asking if you like to save the changes or not.

You can save two of these config files and don`t forget the reboot after changing 😉

After reboot the display should be without black bars around.

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