The idea



I´m Gregor. I used the raspberry pi for a while and had a everday problem.

All that connectors, power plugs, USB Hubs and cables…..


Cable mess all around!

I need a all in one case.

So, hmm!

I like the cubic Apple Designs of Hartmut Esslinger in the past days  and so i decided to create a new really small device.

But much smaller!  Just a little cube.

Here you can read about my conclusions:

It should fit in my palm. hmm….

So, that was really my first reference point?!?! OK.

The cube should not be bigger than 11 cm about 4,3 inch.

Okay, so we need a small Display. Note more than 3,5 inches.

I need my paper pad now….

The Idea

Read on.. 😉